Hydromassage: one term, many meanings

Hydromassage: one term, many meanings

Mar 09, 2020Alessandro Ursino


Here is the classic definition of a whirlpool

But what exactly does this term mean? Let's find out together.



Routine is our first enemy: every day we feel the need to switch off, to release stress and muscle tension.
When the bubbles in the whirlpools come into contact with the skin, they create a natural micro-massage that stimulates the circulation and provides a pleasant feeling of peace.

In addition, the pressure of the hydromassage on the skin can stimulate the production of endorphins, giving you well-being and happiness (at least until you return to work).
The secret to extreme relaxation? Dissolve muscle-relaxing herbal solutions such as essential oils, lavender, lemon balm or camomile in hot water. The relaxing effect becomes even more intense, for a feeling of pleasure that will repay all the stress accumulated during the day.



The whirlpool action stimulates not only the superficial skin tissue, but also the layers under the skin, reaching the muscle fascias.

Microcirculation increases, reducing water retention and cellulite. The effect is practically immediate: after a few baths in the tub, the skin becomes firmer, elastic, shiny and youthful. The invigorating massage of the water is good for the blood circulation and, consequently, for the skin, which can benefit by becoming smoother, smoother and silkier.



Among the benefits is the possibility of treating and preventing rheumatism and arthritis thanks to the temperature of the water, which is traditionally between 37° and 38°.

But that's not all! The relaxation provided by a hydromassage session helps those suffering from insomnia to find absolute relief, both in the short and medium term.
The circulatory stimulus provided by the jet of water helps regulate blood pressure, stabilising it, especially for those suffering from high blood pressure.

Recent studies also show that water massage improves the condition of patients with type 2 diabetes by helping to lower blood sugar concentrations.


It may not be the solution to all your problems, but it certainly solves the basic ones!


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