How to clean your hot tub

How to clean your hot tub

Jun 09, 2020Alessandro Ursino


Having a whirlpool bath at home is a great way to add a little luxury to your daily life.

From relaxing sore muscles after exercise to calming the mind with a relaxing bath, hot tubs offer many benefits.

Although it is often difficult to notice, bathtubs can harbour bacteria and retain residues from the use of soap and body oils in the pipes.

It is important to clean the jets regularly to ensure continuous operation and clean, bacteria-free water.

We always recommend avoiding the use of certain products in hot tubs, such as baby oil and bubble bath, to reduce the amount of foam build-up and fill the tub with warm water, leaving the jets on for 15-20 minutes after each use.

Even the most careful of us will still need to do a deep clean every 7 to 10 whirlpools or at least once every two months if it is not used.

This operation requires just a few simple steps!

Fill the tank with water up to the expected operating level, pour a dose of the product into the water, then start the system for a few minutes (15/20). At the end of this first cycle, suspend the system's operation for about 30 minutes and then carry out a new washing cycle (15/20 minutes).
At the end of the washing cycle, empty the system and clean away any residue that may have settled on the surface of the tank. At the end of the shock treatment cycle it is advisable to keep the system sanitized with idronet sanitizer to avoid the onset of new organic deposits. 


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In this way, your tub should be perfectly clean and the bacteria you don't want to have with you the next time you take a relaxing bath will be completely removed!

We also offer a set that includes a number of specific products for sanitising the whirlpool system and cleaning the acrylic surface of the tub. 

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